Hurl 1.1 first taste vs Soylent cacoa

Tried soylent first it was they who made me look more into someone trying to make a cheap and nutrition valubale meal replacement that’s also about keeping waste down.

Soylent was weird first taste but before the end of the first 16oz I was digging it till the next day I had to :poop: 10 minutes after taking it ok no deal but oddly as I was reading more about Soylent and reviews they were saying the same thing maybe there’s something to it.
By the end of my first two week supply (taking two weeks) I still had to poop almost instantly after completing my nutritious smooth drink.

So decided to try hule also having high blood pressure figure the nuts and oats would help.

Oddly I’m a few points higher from 125/80ish soylent to 130/80 on hule there is possibly other things in play I haven’t tried limiting everything around blood pressure other then getting nutrients and protein for work outs .

Another reason to get away from Soylent was the metal vitamins higher then hule and was noticing right after soylent I’d become un rationally irritated. On hule not so much but there.

My first taste of hule 1.1 chocolate was bitter and sweet did not like it but then tried the second 3.9 ilb bag and it was good not sure if this was not 1.1 I don’t have the other bag as I away for work.
Hule I still get the poops but more of a 24 hour later then 30 minutes after.

Well this was an interesting read! Thanks for sharing your Huel experience, @Gjkrisa. Your body should adjust to Huel once it gets used to the change in fiber.

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