Huel with Green Goodness

I have really come to enjoy making my breakfast Huel with Green Goodness from Bolthouse farms. It is extra delicious!

To experience this:

1 portion of Green Goodness (240ml)
top off to 400 ml with water
3 scoops of Vanilla Huel
shake it up
top off with 100 ml water

It is even better when you prepare it the evening before and keep it in the fridge until morning to have it extra thickened and more shake-like.

Note: this will bring the calorie count up to 630 calories and the extra nutrition (20mg Sodium, 320mg Potassium, 30g Carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, 26g sugars, 2g Protein, 20% Vitamin A, 35% Vitamin C, 2% Calcium, 6% Iron, 10% Riboflavin, 15% Vitamin B6, 100% Manganese)

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For a 3-scoop drink I add:
3 oz. NAKED Green Machine
3 oz V-8 Juice
8 oz Apple Juice
3 scoops Vanilla HUEL
3 ice cubes
6 oz water
Comes out kind of pink colored but thick and rich with nutrients!

Then I add some more water to rinse out the last goodness while I take my usual multivitamin, Centrum Silver for men and a D3 (1000 mg).

Lots of energy for the morning’s activities!
Turns out my cocktail comes to 630.5 calories, so neck and neck with your recipe!

comparing 8 oz. of Naked Green Machine with Bolthouse Green Goodness to see how they differ:
Naked Bolthouse
Sodium 13g 20g
Potassium 400 320
total carbs 33 30
dietary fiber 0 1
sugars 28 26
Protein 2 2

Thanks for the suggestion -

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