Huel Ready-to-drink vs the Turkey Sandwich

We have a new article on the website comparing Huel RTD to the most popular sandwich in the US. Price isn’t involved it’s all about nutrition. Let us know what you think!


From a pure nutrition comparison, Huel is at least as healthy, if not healthier, than a turkey sandwich.

There are also environment and ethical arguments for Huel over turkey, but let’s leave that for another post.

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You got it! This was purely done in terms of nutrition, there’s more to Huel than that but we haven’t got hard data at the moment on the specific environmental impact.

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I like the powder. The ready to drink is too expensive.

I really think the powder and RTD are for different market segments, which makes perfect sense from a business perspective.

Personally I found the consistency of the powder unpleasant and far prefer the RTD. But it’s also about convenience, and is priced for that. Would I like it to be cheaper? Sure. But I get it delivered direct to my office and it costs about 60% of what I would otherwise spend at Subway for 400cal. I don’t have to mix or cleanup beyond rinsing the bottle and tossing it in the recycling, or go out to pick up my order. If your time is valuable that’s a pretty good deal.

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I dislike turkey. The bread may not always be optimal (I sometimes find myself picking off the bread in bits), I have IBS so sometimes the tomato may be hard on my stomach and mayo I try to avoid as I don’t always have an easy time digesting it. I don’t have time to make a sandwich and by the time I get to it it would not be as good as when first toasted and prepared…if I got a lunch at a proper time. With Huel RTD I have a meal I can trust, I can grab and go, I don’t worry about flavor or waste, and I can have regular food whenever without worrying about missing my nutritional requirements due to time/pickiness/availability and stressing my GI tract further.

I think you have each highlighted really well some key differences of why you all choose Huel and the products that you do.

If it works for you, go for it!

I am the opposite. I don’t have a lot of money, so I would rather spend more time and have it be cheaper.

Sabra Ewing