Huel Powder V3 versus Huel Black Edition for Heart Health

So when I was trying to decide which Huel Powder would work for me I was torn between the v3 and black editions. I prefer the high protein, low carbs, macro spread of the black edition, however the v3 edition had a line saying, “Moreover, you may well have heard about the beneficial soluble fiber in oats called beta-glucan; well, Huel Powder is loaded with this cholesterol-lowering fiber; ideal for a healthy heart.” and this descriptive sentence was not included on the black edition’s nutrition page. The black edition doesn’t mention anything about heart health. I’ve been trying to aim for a more heart healthy diet and so I bought the v3. But it really does have more carbs than I really want to be taking in. My question is this: What is the heart healthy ingredient in the v3 Huel Powder and does that ingredient also exist in the Black Edition? Or is the Black Edition just plain not as good for your heart as the v3?

Hey @Trisandra! Welcome to the Huel Forum! :grin:

Huel v3.0 powder contains oats and this is where the beta-glucan comes from. Huel Black Edition does not contain oats.

Generally, when it comes to heart health (and health overall) in relation to diet, you want to try to look at dietary intake as a whole rather than specific foods alone out of context with everything else you eat daily. Overall intake is what matters most!

Either Huel powder can be part of a healthy daily intake. However, if you have any dietary restrictions or guidelines to follow, you want to be sure you follow them and adjust intake accordingly.

Let me know how it goes!

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