Caffeine in Huel

I’m trying to find out how much caffeine this stuff has as a result of the Kombucha. Does the caffeine keep anyone up at night? Does the Hot Huel have caffeine in it? I specifically avoid caffeine and frankly I’m not a fan. The probiotics, sure, sounds great. The caffeine, not so much. Maybe there needs to be a variant without caffeine, maybe a v2 that is somewhere between v1 and v3. v1 minus the fluoride and caffeine. Having options about what is in the food supply over these sticking points would help.

I know the coffee flavor has caffeine as you might expect. I wouldn’t expect non-coffee to have enough caffeine to be concerning for those without specific medical restrictions for caffeine. You probably affect sleep as much from the sugar as anything else - probably shouldn’t have Huel for dessert right before bed… though those on the 6 meals/day probably don’t have enough time to not :slight_smile:

I was dismayed by recent references to fluoride in Huel… now I’ll be checking to make sure I’m not consuming neurotoxin additives

So yeah, I can appreciate wanting to know exactly what and how much “stuff” is in my Huel

Other than the coffee flavor, which actually contains coffee, I suspect that the caffeine content from the small amount of kombucha is negligible at best (kombucha doesn’t actually contain that much caffeine anyway, at least not when compared to other things).

The kombucha in Huel does not contribute to caffeine content of Huel powders. Which Huel powder and flavors do you consume? Most flavors of Huel powder have minimal and in some cases below detection levels of caffeine.

Huel Hot and Savory does not contain caffeine or probiotics. And no Huel products contain fluoride.

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I know they don’t currently contain fluoride, but didn’t it at some point? Someone made a topic about it. They said it was really unpopular so they took it out.

Hey Michael! A previous version of Huel powder did contain sodium fluoride, but this was removed back in 2016, which is when the linked post in the other thread was from. Huel products no longer have sodium fluoride.

And in regards to caffeine, which Huel powder (and flavors of Huel powder) do you consume?

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Not the ones with caffeine apparently.