Huel Powder Blood Glucose Response

A new article is live on a trial we conducted at Huel. We looked at peoples’ blood glucose response after consuming a serving of Huel Vanilla Powder.

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The graph shows the average. Was that the “mean” or “median” average? Not a real important question, just curious.

It would be safe to assume that none of the participants were diabetic. It would be interesting to see a glucose response to a dose of Huel in someone who already has Type 2 diabetes.

None the less, this is pretty impressive. The ideal goal of a 2 hour postprandial glucose level is 140 or less and these participants didn’t go near that threshold. Just a smidgen above 100 for one reading and then back into the 80 to 100 range the rest of the time.

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I am a type 2, for many years. Today, I was at 90 before “Breakfast” (First meal about noon). Had a 3 scoop 1.0 Vanilla Huel with 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood, plus two 1.5 oz bags of Pistachios. 2 hours later my reading was 100. This is pretty typical for me, both Breakfast and reading wise.



It was the mean.

Yeap, "none of whom reported medical conditions or were using medication that may have affected the blood glucose level response.’’

Thanks for the positive feedback!

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Love that Huel is working for you @Bigdaddy!

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