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Will you Huel RDs write an article on Huel use for women, talking about our different needs during different parts of our cycle (e.g., hunger and calorie needs, Huel supporting healthy hormone levels [if that’s a thing, maybe the HPA axis and estrogen], etc) or during pre/perimenopause? I think this should be addressed. You already addressed pregnancy and breast-feeding. Now let’s talk about our other needs

To my fellow folks who were assigned female at birth, including FTMs who haven’t transitioned yet, what’s your experience? Do your needs change, and do those who still menstruate use Huel differently during different parts of your cycle?

Thank you in advance.

Hi unique, I personally don’t notice much difference as far as hormones affecting huel or vice versa. Is there something you’re hoping huel will help you with as far as that stuff goes, like making your cycles less painful etc? It’s a really good question so I hope more people respond. Diet affects how you feel very much so it seems like it should have an affect on menstrual cycles.

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Hi Sonya,

Thanks for your response. I also hope there are more responses.

My appetite becomes beastly the days leading up to my period, and I can’t not eat more, like a lot more. It impacts my weight, which has steadily crept up over time, and therefore impacts my sanity. I don’t use Huel all that often (usually in spurts, though this might be changing), yet I have noticed that if I keep RTD in the fridge, it sometimes helps me make a better decision when I get snacky or can’t seem to get full, no matter how much I eat. I have read/heard from a few sources that our calorie needs can be higher or lower depending upon where we are in our cycle, though those sources do not agree on the degree of that change (I have read/heard everything from 30-300 calories, including from an RD I used to work with and other medical professionals).

My needs clearly drastically change during different parts of my cycle, and I am wondering (1) how much nutrition could help my friggin hormones balance out, and if Huel could play a part in this, and (2) if there are other Hueligans assigned female at birth who are in a similar boat and use Huel differently according to their changing needs throughout their cycle.

Edit: My cramps are the kind that need at least 8 ibuprofen to get on top of them (this amount seems to progressively increase over time) and 4 at a time to keep at bay. They sometimes bring me close to tears, and I am not a wimp. I don’t expect my cramps to change according to nutrition, though. Very little seems to help. Huel is a great product. It’s not a magic wand.

Unique, I meant to ask, if you don’t mind sharing why do you use huel? Like is it not wanting to cook, trying to eat healthy, calorie counting etc? And which products do you tend to use? Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:.

I use Huel a lot for convenience, like in a pinch when I literally need to eat on the go. I like to keep the RTD on hand to help when I get really snacky to avoid binging. That is rather effective. More recently, I have been wanting to lower my weight and using Huel for calorie control. I don’t know how well it will work because I don’t deal well with calorie deficits. I inevitably get pretty hungry, even with a high protein intake. Hormone fluctuations make it more pronounced.