Huel for Clearer Skin

My husband and I started using Huel ~2 weeks ago, and the time has FLOWN by. We started replacing breakfast and now we’re eating Huel for breakfast and lunch. It’s amazing not to have to decide what to eat - a decision that led to a lot of bad choices in the past.

My favorite - and completely unexpected - side effect of Huel isn’t one I’ve seen discussed at length. Since we started Huel, my skin (notoriously sensitive, oily, acne-prone) has COMPLETELY CLEARED UP. I had maybe one very brief pimple during lady time, and that’s been IT.

I’m so grateful for Huel. I’ve had more energy, better concentration (super important to me as i’m starting law school at Notre Dame in the fall), and my mood has been better.

Anyone else notice a similar effect?


That’s so awesome, Steph! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :+1:
Good luck at Notre Dame - how exciting! :raised_hands: