Huel daily greens review

I have tried AG1, Suja, and now the Huel daily greens. AG1 made me feel great but tasted horrible, literally made me gag. I had to chug it then chase it with my coffee. Suja greens tasted disgusting and had no effect on my body. I’m on my second batch of huel and I feel as good as I did with the AG1 and the taste of Huel is 100x better. I ALMOST like it. The most dominant taste to me is the taste of the plantains and then just generic veggie taste that’s sweetened. I wish they’d do away with the stevia I don’t like the sweetners.

I think with some tweaks I could legitimately like the taste. I’ve done it just with water and I’ve done it 1 part tart cherry juice to 3-4 parts water

Thanks for the feedback @Brig and welcome to the forum! :green_heart: