Daily Greens - How to Improve the Taste?

I used to take Enso Supergreens (now called: Live It Up!) and enjoyed the peppermint flavor. I decided to consolidate my orders and tried the Huel daily greens this month. I’ve seen people posting the Huel daily greens is the best tasting flavor of all Huel mix, but I whole heartedly disagree.

Opening the bag, it smells like I just mowed the lawn. And it tastes like a mouthful of cut grass. I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s terrible. I haven’t found any Huel mix, that I own, which isn’t overpowered by the grass taste. I read how Huel suggests it tastes of apples and pineapples. But I couldn’t disagree more.

I’ve tried the Huel greens alone, never again. I’ve tried it with other Huel mixes and it ruins their taste.

Does anyone have a trick to take away the fresh cut lawn taste? I won’t be renewing this stuff otherwise, and I’ll just go back to Live It Up.


I mix mine with Metamucil fiber supplement in about 250-500ml of cold water. It adds a nice taste and consistency, and the added bonus of more fiber.

First, when I smell mine, it has a light aroma of sweet fruits (to me it smells berry-ish). So it’s possible you may have gotten a bad bag.

As for what seems to help, I’ve noticed that the taste of Daily Greens is very easily overpowered by anything else I eat near to the time I’m drinking my Daily Greens - and this does result in a less than pleasant experience. What I’ve done to stop this from happening is drink the mix before anything else in the morning. (my morning hygiene routine → Daily Greens → Greek Yogurt → Coffee)

If that’s still not working for you, you might try adding in a small amount of sweetener. Or blend it with fruit of choice, thoughts that come immediately to mind: mandarin orange, strawberries, mango. This might be more work than you are interested in, and I’ve not tried either of these so can’t say much about them.