Huel + BulkSupplements pomegranate extract, beet root, & FOS

For a complete body makeover, I’d like to point out adding BulkSupplements by the tablespoon to our Huel shakes.

The amino acid l-glycine, for instance, tastes sweet. Adding up to five grams of l-glycine as a supplement contributes to heart health, by mimicking the total amount of l-glycine in a high-protein diet. Glycine is an interesting one to experiment with according to the research article on l-glycine that I cannot link.

I am currently the biggest fan of

  1. BulkSupplements pomegranate extract, because at $50/kilogram, it is only $0.25 per tablespoon. On some interesting level, you can feel the pressure points in your mitochondria unwind.

  2. I am also the biggest fan of Inulin (FOS). A tablespoon of this prebiotic fiber every morning will transform your gut health pursuant to the research at

  3. Beet. The whole, organic beet root when pulverized is high in natural fiber, tri-methyl-glycine, and nitrates for heart health. There are few foods better than beets for a tablespoon of vigor.

So, there you have my Huel + BulkSupplements plan: 1) pomegranate, 2) beet, 3) the prebiotic fiber inulin.