Huel bars expiration dates

Greetings. Can anyone tell me how long from the date of purchase is the average expiration dates for Huel bars? I want to give them a try, but I am not a big consumer of snack bars, so it will probably be a while until I finish a box. Thanks!

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Hey there! The Huel bars have a shelf-life of 8 months. Once opened they can last up to 24 hours but they’re best enjoyed straight away to avoid them drying out.


I am a new hueler and placed my order, but received one set of bars (15 bars) that expire in 1 month and 2 sets of bars (30 bars) that expire in 3 months. Given the 8 months shelf life… how come I am not receiving products that have expiration dates closer to the 8 month mark? I am basically forced to eat my first set of bars every other day to finish it before it expires

Hey! That does not seem right! I have dropped a personal message to you to gather more information about your order and assist you.

Thanks Domenique, sent you a message!