How to channel Scrooge McDuck

I eat your huel everyday, I am now a rich man.

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Same, I’m saving some 500 dollars a month at least in food cost. I’ve also found it allows me to work more which has also made me more money.

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I shared the great news with my boss, he is a well known attorney in Albuquerque, who works for this infamous cook, word is gettin round.

Everyone likes to save a little money😉
Glad Huel is helping you do that while also staying nutritionally complete!

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Such an underrated reference hahaha

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I first tried Huel by chance. I was forced to sit in an empty apartment in protective custody for days, the only thing in the cupboard was Huel. At first it didn’t look very appealing, but it appeared as if someone had packed it for me with my name misspelled, so I tried it. Day two it was so satisfying that is why I am here today.


Protective custody? :thinking:

So sorry you ever needed to use the cleaning crew. Hang in there buddy. I’m sure the huel makes it all worth it.

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Lol these are references to a couple of great shows, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

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Not officially, they said someone had it out for me, showed me picture of someone I knew that had been shot. I sat there for days.

Kay(spoiler alert)Sherbet.

There be days where you be laying on a cloud of money.

Then there be days where you just sit and wait…but the best things come when you don’t expect it.

Oh, I’m familiar haha! I’m here saying to myself “this scenario sounds too familiar.”

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Oh! LMAO wow! I actually haven’t watched more than 2 episodes of better call Saul but watched so much breaking bad that I got the reference! I didn’t get the misspelled name thing though. I got the clean up crew because Saul uses that for his clients. Jeez! That’s how good a reference that was, I got it with like 2% context

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You can see my progression weight wise, it appeared that I got worse, then the last episode, is when I found huel…I will continue to keep you all updated as I lighten up and lean down.

I keep up the practice of using a bat to break pinatas for exercise. But have found filling them with huel is giving the breaking/ourpour a G resistance that satisfies to a depth never before achieved with hard candy. Ahhh baby YEAH! I think marketing should pursue this, and I am willing to invest , if I put the cost of pursuit up, I want it to be acknowledged. JUST IMAGINE A BIRTHDAY PARTY PINATA WITH HUEL FOR ALL THE KIDS? YEAH? and the floors…clean afterwards.

I only had Huel to eat! I didn’t choose it…it won my heart and tummy, Don’t play.

I am in Coushatta for awhile to see my people, brangin 3 week worth of my huel with, just enough to share. They will all see how wondermous it be. I feel obligated to do late night rounds at the church for the old folk when I’m in tha parish, huell will keep my energy high. I might swing by Loggy Bayou to visit that gator I set free. Can gators eat huel?