How much tapioca in 3.0?

I appreciate the transparency regarding the maltodextrin content in Huel; .2% in the unflavored version and 3.6% in the vanilla version is perfectly acceptable to me.

How much tapioca (by weight) is in Huel 3.0?

I’m sorry Appu it’s not something we can disclose as it’s part of the recipe. Is there a particular reason you want to know?

Yes, there is a reason. I tried Huel Black, but it causes my glucose to spike and gives me a headache (I haven’t measured it, but I have enough experience in the matter to know what it feels like). I’m betting that the tapioca is the cause. For the time being, I’ve been drinking my reserves of 1.1 unsweetened, but eventually that’s going to run out.

Rather than spending money to test out 3.0, I’d rather get the numerical figure first and then make a decision. If you can’t give me an exact figure, maybe you can answer a less direct question. Is the tapioca starch content greater than 10% of the total weight?

Glucose spiking relates to the glycemic index. The GI of v1.1 is 19, v3.0 is 16. The lower the number the more gradual the rise and fall in blood glucose so v3.0 shouldn’t cause you any issues.

Unfortunately due to COVID Black Edition GI testing has postponed but if I had to guess I would say it has a similar or lower GI compared to v1.1 and v.3.0 due to the lower carb and higher fat content.

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