Black V1.0 vs V3.0 artificial sweetners

I just finished my first shipement yesterday, love the stuff. The second shipment came in last week, I think, and I just started drinking it yesterday. I started feeling dizzy and when I went to take a shower I was broken out in an allergic reaction.
TL:DR is there a difference between black V1.0 and V3.0 with artificial sweetners? The newest shipment I have is the V1.0 which doesnt really make sense if V3.0 has been out for a bit.

Hey Hayden,

Huel Black Edition v1.0 and Huel Powder v3.0 are different products.

The core powder or v3.0 has been around since Huel started which is why it’s on version 3. Huel Black Edition is a lower carb, higher protein powder that was released Decemeber 2019 hence why it’s on version 1.

Black Edition is sweetened with stevia and coconut sugar and v3.0 is sweetened with sucralose.