How much L-Methylfolate Calcium is in Huel and Huel Black?

I noticed it is in the ingredients but I cannot find any documentation of how much of it is in a serving of Huel. I used to take this as a pill at 15mg, so I’m wondering how the amount in Huel compares to that (obviously, it is not a replacement for medicine but just curious!). I currently have bags of Unflavored/Unsweetened and both Vanilla and Chocolate of Huel Black as well as the bottles in Vanilla, so I’m wondering if someone could provide more info on the amounts in it. Thank you very much for any and all help!

Hey Liz, the total amount of folate of each product can be found here. For v3.0 79% of the folate is provided by L-Methylfolate Calcium and this figure is 88% for Black Edition.