How many scoops?

Hi, I’m new at Huel. I was wondering how much powder to use in my already blended vegetable & fruit smoothie? Thank you!!

The Huel package serving size is 500 calories, which is 127 grams. But most of us don’t bother weighing it each time. Most of us have found that this equates to a little more than 3 level scoops (with the scooper they provide), like 3 and a quarter scoops. You can also get about 127 grams by doing 3 overflowing scoops. It’s a very close estimate.

But really, you may use as many scoops as you like. For my lunch I do 3 scoops. And then at dinner I do only 2 scoops but add extra fruit and PB. I would think that an already-made smoothie might be thick already and you might only be able to get one or two scoops into it, depending on volume and if you add more water.


Awesome, Thank you!!

I’ve been using 4 scoops per serving. 4 times a day. I might bump it up to 5 scoops per serving just to see if I can gain a few pounds.