[Hot & Savory] [Flavor Suggestion] Tonkotsu Ramen

I think the subject speaks for itself. Ramen is pretty much the end-all be-all of instant meals so this seems like a no-brainer. Make it happen! Gluten-free noodles — doesn’t matter to me, but why not? Bonus points if they are thicc udon-style noodz. Make it happen please! Also seconding the other poster who suggested a Hot & Savory Black Edition.

This would go so well with my Hot & Savory recipe which currently includes:

HonDashi Broth
Dried shiitake mushrooms
One drop of Aka Miso Ghost-Reaper Hot Sauce
A little crumbled bacon

… I could go on but I’ll leave a little something to the imagination. Umami so good!


You might want to check out ViteRamen…

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I really enjoy viteramen but their shipping is truly awful. Like you have to wait months for some ramen.

Thanks for the rec I am definitely going to give them a try … until Huel comes up with something better! ViteRamen seems a little pricey.

Thanks for the heads up lol, I’ll make sure if I put in an order not to expect it any time soon.

Thanks for sharing that bomb-sounding recipe!

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Agreed, exactly why I subscribe and order in bulk.

I agree 100% with this flavor request! Right now, the Chicken and Mushroom Pasta one is sort of the closest one to ramen imo, but I would specifically really like to see a tonkatsu ramen flavor! I will be checking out Viteramen too until Huel makes a ramen variety!

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Yeah I think I might be cancelling my Huel Hot & Savory for some ViteRamen Naked Noods! Huel better step up quick! ViteRamen seems a little more expensive so you could swoop in and undercut their price!

A ramen option would be awesome! I enjoy the Cajun Pasta and also want to try the chicken and mushroom pasta, and tomato and herb.

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