For those of us that like Vite Ramen (potential alternative-not yet in US)

Hopefully we get these in the US, it’ll be a nice alternative to the 3 flavors of Vite every once in a while…


What has this got to do with Huel?:thinking:


There were a few discussions on the board where Huel users were also trying Vite Ramen and talked about their experiences. It makes sense since these complete noodles have a similar purpose to Huel.

I’ve discovered a few products, like Dandy Blend, and various flavor drops, from tangential comments made in threads. Every once in a while we talk about Huel’s competitor, Soylent.

Seeing as we gotta eat every day (well, unless you’re fasting), there’s plenty of room in people’s diets to use Huel and other products. I wouldn’t use a Ramen Noodle product myself, but others may find this type of product useful for some meals.

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Most of us don’t just consume Huel and commonly discuss other foods we consume…

everyone should know by now that Ramen is not good for you…right?! try watching a video about Ramen, and watch how your body can’t digest it and it sits in your gut until it turns to mush and passes. serious. i used to get down on some Ramen and a classmate at massage school showed me a video of what Ramen does to your GI tract.
maybe they changed the formula or something, that was…a decade ago!? idk. be sure you know what you’re putting into your body, though.

There is much polysaccharide plant material that is indigestible, at least for the human digestive enzymes. But some/lot of this is fiber and resistant starches. Fiber can act as a bulking/osmotic agent to help keep the material physically moving through. The gut flora can actually metabolize/digest some of this and then turn some of it into the short chain fatty acids which provide nutrients for the gut lining. So, just because something can’t digest completely doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad for you.

Seeds and nut also have some indigestible stuff, and they can be quite healthy as well.

Being the contrarian I am, I am now curious and may actually order some Vite Ramen just to see what it’s like.

Hmmm. Looking at the key ingredients, it seems rather innocuous and common. " Ramen noodles have four primary ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt, and kansui.".

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Is this the viral video your friend showed you? I would call this a slow-news-day kind of viral video. Barely worth the bandwidth to stream it.

Interestingly enough there is a link from this video to a suggested “25 strangest last meal requests on death row”. What if a death row convict were to ask for Huel as his final meal. Would the company post that on their Facebook page? I mean, it’s not Huel’s fault the dude killed somebody, and even inmates gotta eat. I would think they’d be flattered knowing that this person wanted a complete nutrition to give him the sustained energy needed to endure his most harrowing day of life. (Man… I’ve had too much caffeine today. Waaaaay off on a tangent there.)


Vite Ramen tastes great… there’s definitely worst things we could be consuming. I believe you’re in FL, if you were in S. FL I’d just meet you and give you a bag. I think the minimum buy is 9.