Heat stability of micronutrients in Huel Powder v3.0?

I understand that some of the micronutrients in Huel are heat sensitive, but at what temperature does this start to become a concern? Will I be affecting any of the micronutrients in in Huel Powder v3.0 by heating it below boiling (i.e. microwaving it until it is warm but not boiling hot)?

Also for anyone wondering, vanilla v3.0 + instant coffee warmed in the microwave is delightful!

Hey @leyley123!

@Dan_Huel discussed this a bit on a previous forum thread and I thought I would link that thread here.

I wanted to also mention that we had Huel Hot and Savory tested as it is prepared with boiling water. @Tim_Huel discusses this in detail on the UK forum too, linked here. The micronutrients were not affected as much as we previously expected and heating your Huel v3.0 below boiling to warm it up should not be a concern! :grin:

Also, that sounds delicious and like the perfect food right now, especially with snow falling at the moment in New York!

@Charlotte_Huel Excellent, thank you for all of that information!

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