Healthy Frappuccino

The following reminds me of a Frappuccino, so if your missing them due to your diet this will help.

127g of Vanilla Flavored Huel
30g of casein protein powder
18g of Cappuccino Flavor Boost

This recipe does come out to 675 calories. If you want to stay close to the 500 calorie mark use the following measurements.

99g of Vanilla Huel
15g of casein protein powder
16g of Cappuccino Flavor Boost

This will result in a shake containing 502 calories.


Quick question - adding 30g protein to a full 127g serving is something I was considering - how much liquid/ice are you using?

I’m following the 16oz water > 127g > blend > 4oz water > blend method. This gives me my idea consistency but is also maxing out my blender cup. Was trying to figure out how much more liquid I would need if I added 30 more grams.

I put 14 oz water then powder/s, blend, top off, blend again. With the 127/30/18 measurements it became very “frothy”. The “froth” is a big reason why I played around with the numbers to get closer to the 500 calorie shake, less protein powder used the less “froth”. The consistency wasn’t bad. You’d have to play around with your weights to get a consistency you like. I’d say the 500 calorie shake is very similar in texture to just the Huel. The full 30g protein powder gives the shake a much denser “mouth feel”.

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I’m all about a good (and healthy) frap! Thanks for sharing, @vsublzr.

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I literally add 200mls of black coffee to my 2 x scoop vanilla huel. In love with it x