Guide to Protein Quality, Digestion and Absorption - Updated!

I’ve updated the
Guide to Protein Quality, Digestion and Absorption

I originally wrote it about 3 years ago and there were a few things I felt needed to be added, so while I was revising it, I polished the whole thing.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very interesting read. There’s a lot more nuance to rating proteins than is what most people think about.

@JamesCollier, in your years of experience have you ever come across a patient with a true protein deficiency independent of a lack of total nutrient intake? I.e. have you seen a patient who is getting enough total food (adequate access to food) but has an isolated protein deficiency because of the wrong foods they are eating?

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Well, yes - but not a healthy subject. I heard of a lady who was eating very little else other than crisps (you guys call them ‘potato chips’!) but while she had markers out of range, she didn’t exhibit the classic appearance of protein energy malnutrition, e.g. kwashiorkor.