Gout & Kidney Stones

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I have been on Huel train for a little bit and am convinced of it. I was able to drop about 20 pounds for my sister’s wedding, stopped Huel-ing and it all came back with force.

Anxiety & depression combined with a love for food has lead me to an unhealthy weight and terrible relationship with food. With the use of Huel, I’m trying to teach myself to manage these relationships correctly.

Every single male on one side of my family is currently being treated for gout, and one was just hospitalized with terrible kidney stones. Thankfully I still haven’t had an attack or been diagnosed with Gout.

While I know Huel is an extremely clean food, I wonder if it can spike Uric Acid levels or anything else that could contribute to conditions like these.

I also know no one on here is a doctor, know’s my extensive health history and many other things, I was just hoping for some insight from Huel staff and others who may have had similar stories.

Thank you!

The plant based nature of Huel makes me suspect you won’t be having gout issues. From what I understand of kidney stones, you probably end up drinking enough that healthy kidney function clears minerals long before they become stones.

Mostly I’m interested in your report of anxiety and depression - which I believe are heavily influenced by sugars and inflammation. Huel’s low glycemic index is beneficial on this front too.


I have a history of kidney stones and had to have one surgically removed in Feb 2018. I am on low dose of allopurinol since my stones are a combination of uric acid and calcium oxalate.

I can only speak for myself. My uric acid levels are now normal on Huel and allopurinol. (I drink Huel once a day 5 days a week.) I am due for another blood work this month which will include uric acid level.

Since elevated uric acid levels are often associated with red meat and some other types of meat, theoretically Huel (which is all plant based) might lower a person’s uric acid levels if they substitute an omnivore meal with a Huel meal.


I have gout and have never had a flare up when using it, when I cheat and have beef or something else yep. You should be fine but please share if that’s not the case.

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