Frozen vs Fresh Fruit

I started using Huel a week ago and am sold! So far, it has served as a fantastic breakfast replacement. I am considering also replacing dinner with the product.

So far, I have been mixing frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc) into my Huel.

I am wondering, from a health perspective, whether there is benefit of using fresh as opposed to frozen fruit.


Congratulations!! On being sold on the product. I think we have each been rescued by it in some measure. Perhaps, the benefit is the enzymes in the fresh fruit as opposed to the enzymes lost in the freezing process. You are a living system and function best on enzymes from fresh produce. Look at it this way, live produce can be buried and it will grow, due to living matter in it. But once the cellular plant structure is frozen, it loses its capability to function and therefore, cannot be expected to grow if it were buried. Frozen is a great option if fresh is not available. But fresh is the best choice for optimal health. Again, congratulations!!
This Huel YouTube link may be of interest to you.


They’re really about the same. Some studies have shown frozen to actually contain more of their nutrients as they’re frozen right after being harvested whereas the fresh ones will sit on shelves longer, potentially losing some of their nutrients.

IMO, the order is fresh>frozen>canned(usually has added ingredients like sodium to preserve them).

I would simply go with whatever you like best. Maybe fresh for local in season fruits and frozen for those that aren’t?

sigh Don’t listen to this lady, she keeps posting “science” with no citations. If you are just blending it into your Huel I would go frozen as produce is flash frozen near the time of picking. This locks in nutrients where fresh fruit sits on the shipping dock, sits in a freighter, sits in a grocery stock room, and finally sits on the produce shelf. With each day that passes ‘fresh’ produce looses it’s value…now if you want fresh produce that has kept it’s value I would try a farmers market or something similar.


Frozen is less wasteful since you can store it in the freezer for months and months and it doesn’t go bad. You’re much more likely to end up wasting some of the fresh berries/fruit if it sits a little too long.


Welcome to the Huel life, George! I’m going to call on our handy dandy co-founder and the man behind the Huel formula, @JamesCollier, to chime in on this fresh vs. frozen debate. :+1:

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What @The_Pumpkin_King said really. It depends really on when the fruit is picked and consumed or picked and frozen. Freezing preserves the nutrients. If a fruit is picked and consumed pretty soon, then that’s great. If it’s picked, transported and stored for a few weeks, then some of the labile vitamins will degreade and it’s not so good (still good though) and frozen would be better.