Frozen fruit instead of ice cubes?

Just curious if anyone has tried using icecube trays to freeze pureed fruit or anything? I’ve seen people use icecube trays as DIY methods for cooking herbs and oils. Here’s why I’m asking…

So I work in security. In my case it means I move positions every one to two hours and can’t guarantee I have access to a fridge (much less freezer) at all of them. In the booklet I noticed It mentioned filling the bottle partially, mixing in icecubes and the powder, then adding more water to complete the mixture. I’ve been using only water, but if I freeze puree’d fruit then, at worst, it thaws before I add powder and water.

Thoughts? Just trying to find a way to get both my shakes in during my 12 hour shift.

Frozen fruit might not be a bad shout, but it’s also worth noting that the ice cubes aren’t essential. Many drink huel without them. I’ve never used ice cubes or chilled it.

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