From McDonald’s every day to 100% Huel

Recovering from binge eating disorder. I am very technical, so being able to look at food black and white helps instead of “eat this but not that and eat that thing you’re not supposed to in this amount on this day and not this amount on that day and eat this because it’s good but not too much because it may not be that good”

…Needless to say I am exhausted from battling with food. Looking to gain my life back, clear my thoughts of food as opposed to living to eat and thinking about food 24 hours a day.

Exercise tips to prevent lose skin would be appreciated. Everyone says heavy lifting in the gym is the best way to go but I don’t know where to start.

Start weight 215 lbs


Hey man. Let me give you some encouragement. Good job on deciding to make a change. It’ll be a bit of a shock to your brain at first, since you’ll be making such a big change in dietary intake. But with enough determination, you’ll be able to do it. Simply think of this as a means to an end. Think of what the end results can be, and let that be your motivation.

I am a 5’ 11" male and years ago I had weighed 277 lbs at my max. I was able to get all the way down to 185, but my weight creeped back up to around 215. I am currently aiming to get down to around the 195 - 200 lb range, which will make me happy.

A lot of my weight loss was/is accomplished via changes in eating plus exercise. There is really no exercise that will prevent the loose skin on the mid section. I have the stretch marks and a little bit of saggy skin. But it’s very minor. Unless your starting weight was > 350 lbs, any loose skin will probably be barely noticeable. Skin is fairly elastic.

Studies show that people lose weight with both cardiovascular and strength training, so do whichever you find the most fun. I ride my bike, walk/jog, rowing machine, and kettlebells.

In general, it’s all about insulin resistance. By eating less sugar and increasing physical activity, you reduce insulin resistance (or improve insulin sensitivity, which is another way to say it) and will then lose visceral body fat. Doing all meals via Huel will give you about 5 to 6 grams of sugar per day, very low by modern day standards. Then, just pick your favorite physical activity for 30 - 60 minutes, 5 to 7 days per week. Give it time and that should work.


I did exactly the same thing. I was binge eating from McDonnalds and although I am not using huel more then 2 times a day it is absolutely doable.

I lost 30 pounds so far and it was not easy but hang in there, fight hunger mate and you will feel the improvement soon!


Thank you! I need the encouragement. (Btw I am 19 and female) and I guess I’ve been seeing so many young girls 17-25 on YouTube getting SURGERY for skin removal after weight loss. But yes I neeed to look at it realistically because even though they weighed the SAME as me, they lost 100+ lbs in the course of 6-7 months which is INSANE. I plan on being 170-180 lbs.


Thank you! Btw did you notice any health difference? I get my Huel tomorrow. There must be some noticeable difference from McDonald’s to healthiest thing there is

I did. feel a whole lot better. I am 45 and I feel half my age for sure. I wouldn’t worry about lose skin, I was 223lbs when I started and so far no lose skin.


That’s great to hear @Dani_Sanchez!

Keep it up!

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Me too…I want black and white routine for fuel. I’m so tired of eating myself sick with food, unhealthy foods. I want my life back and am looking forward to trying Huel. You have expressed my own experience with food, and I wish you good results and health. I am on the same path. I do appreciate our co-Huel users taking time to give such great advise and direction.

Good luck, I need it too. Just ordered my first Huel kit, can’t wait to get started!


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I’ve worked my way up to 2 meals a day with Huel. I feel so much better using Huel than going to McDonald’s/Burger King/7-11 for breakfast most mornings during the week! It’s so satisfying knowing that it takes just a couple of minutes to prepare my breakfast and lunch for the next day. Now I just need to reign in my dinner every day and I’ll be on the right track to lose some weight! Small steps, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


I can relate, I don’t even crave McDonalds anymore a weekness in my life replaced with HUEL… Press on my friend it’s an investiment in your health! Mijack

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