Fluoride not included? Is Huel not nutritionally complete after all?

So… From what I can tell there’s no fluoride in Huel? And my local water doesn’t have fluoride in it. Neither does my multivitamin. I do use fluoride toothpaste but I don’t know if that’s enough to satisfy 3 mg per day as recommended for me.
So theoretically if I were to live off Huel, I would have a fluoride deficiency, is this correct? I don’t plan to live entirely off Huel, but I do plan for it to be a considerable part of my diet, and it not being included concerns me. Does this mean that Huel is not actually entirely nutritionally complete?
If one were to live off of Huel, how would they account for the lack of fluoride in the diet? How do I make sure I get enough? I might consume just entirely Huel some days so I want to make sure I’m not lacking anything.
I know this sounds nitpicky and I’m sorry, but it’s just important to me that I end up with all I need even if I end up not eating non-Huel food at all some days. I’d prefer if I had a reliable source of fluoride in my diet, and not have to worry about getting it elsewhere.

Hey Lexi! A previous version of Huel did contain sodium fluoride. However, it was removed and I linked the discussion about why from one of our older global forum threads here.

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Where did you get the idea that flouride is a nutrient that you need any amount of?


Yeah, this one threw me for a loop, as I guess it’s something I never even realized I needed as an essential nutrient. So since I brush my teeth 2-3x a day with toothpaste containing fluoride I’m good? Lol…

You do not need flouride

If you want the mineralization of your teeth, ask your dentist to paint it directly on your teeth when you visit. It’s not something you want to accumulate in your body.


Fluoride is in the water for a lot of us and our toothpaste. And is debatable on whether or not you even need it. So I wouldn’t worry about it.


I am not aware of a recommended amount of flouride that SHOULD be ingested but rather an amount that CAN be ingested and tolerated by the body without potentially developing health concerns. Flouride is a natural occurring element found in water that can be removed or added. It is known to have positive benefits for your teeth in concentrated amounts so long as it maintains contact with your teeth. Outside of the naturally occurring amount of flouride found in natural water, any additional amount ingested can lead to health concerns.


Echoing what some of other folks have said here. I think fluoride is not something you want to ingest, it is something you want to get onto your teeth to strengthen/protect them. That is why it is added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and drinking water. My dentist recommended that I start using a mouthwash that contains fluoride once a day, and I have not had a cavity since, so I think it does help.

Also there is a difference between sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride, but that discussion belongs on a different forum.


There is no indication that fluoride when ingested is beneficial at all. There is also the issue of dosage. There is a safe amount that can be ingested, but that amount is likely different for everyone because of differences in height and weight, genetics, etc. And no one knows how much that safe dosage is. You also run into the issue of people that ingest tons of it versus rarely, or not at all depending on their water sources. Then you also run into whether or not certain portions of the population are more susceptible than others to adverse effects of ingesting fluoride. And, if it’s something that only benefits the teeth, why would we drink it and run it through our kidneys? It’s not a vitamin or macronutrient, it doesn’t provide any nutritional value. So involuntarily dosing people with fluoride in the name of dental health is a generally bad idea. I can brush my own teeth and go to the dentist. I also don’t want it jammed randomly into my food, again, because if there is an appropriate dosage of it, it’s impossible to know. There are studies into the negative effects of it as well. Dental fluorosis of the teeth is a big one. Those nasty white spots/stains come from fluoride overconsumption. I have a small amount on my teeth because I drank tons of tap water as a kid. Now I actively avoid fluoridated drinking sources. Either way it’s important that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I am glad they took it out though.


I agree with the others , fluoride isn’t useful at all in your organism. It can even cause you health problems.

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