Flaxseed remains undigested: Huel Hot&Spicy

Hi, i’ve seen related topics on nutrition of Flaxseed. I’m asking here about whether I’m receiving any nutrients from flaxseed in Huel Hot&Spicy at all.

I love H&S flavor but i’m concerned if the claimed nutrients, largely supplied by flaxseed (among the first 3 ingredients in all H&S flavors), can’t actually be used by the body due to flaxseed indigestion.

Speaking from consuming multiple servings of Huel H&S over the past week, I do observe large amount of undigested flaxseed in my bowel discharge. The seeds remain intact. This is not speculating, but this is real observation.

One could argue that I should chew the food more thoroughly. That’s a valid point. I did try but I still find significant amount of them unprocessed (intact seeds). I tried to put Huel in microwave for 10+ minutes, in the hope that prolonged heat would rupture open the flaxseed shells. However, this does not help.

Do people have similar experience on whole flaxseed in H&S products. How can I get more nutrients out of it. Are there plans by Huel to use ground flaxseed for subsequent versions?


I can validate that yes, as a consequence of evolution, many of the seeds do make it through digestion intact. With the sheer volume of flaxseeds in H&S, many do not get chewed. I believe it was mentioned somewhere in this forum that they are left whole to add texture.

Hi @kcimmi, welcome to the forum and thanks for being a Hueligan! :grin:

As @HuelMike pointed out, the flaxseed in Huel Hot and Savory was discussed here. Please feel free to continue the discussion on that thread if you have any additional questions or concerns. I’m happy to discuss further!