Flaxseed or No Flaxseed?

“Demanding” in the sense of requiring proof and accountability.

If you are eating organic carrots, are you also following up with the farmers about responsible soil management and rainwater/runoff control?

If normally healthy metabolism is sufficient to accommodate Huel, but reports of extremes of an ingredient may be problematic for some people… i view this like a peanut allergy: some people can very literally die from ingesting peanuts, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t put a tablespoon of peanut butter in my Huel.

So my intent was to say that if you weren’t accepting the risks associated with flax, would you be accepting the risks of PB&J (allergens), a turkey sandwich (sodium, meat), a ceaser salad (e.coli) … whatever and associated health concerns.

And I believe that you would make healthy choices. I was imagining that other “healthy” choices can have associated risks that are outweighed by the benefit of the nutrition they afford.

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Wow!!! And almost no sodium!!! (I might wind up adding salt to taste but at least it won’t be 100% of my DV of sodium like the other stuff is lol). It is, however, about 2-3x the price of normal ramen…so there’s that.

I add a ton of stuff to it (cilantro, turmeric, frozen veggies, chili powder, garlic, hot sauce)… For me, it’s much cheaper than take out. There’s occasionally coupon codes and sales that pop up so there’s that. I also subscribe to Veestro and usually wait for their sales to place my orders as well.

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I guess it depends on whatever the choice ended up being.