Flax bad for Testosterone?

I have read some info that Flax is bad for men’s testosterone levels. I know that flax is a main ingredient in huel, so what does the group have to say about this?

I was looking into it, I couldn’t find any studies based off normal participants not afflicted with any issues for a long period of time that would give some insight. All studies I found (quick searchs, edu/gov) involved participants that had specific issues such as women with high testosterone levels or men with prostate cancer.

I don’t know enough to say with how much is in Huel. I’ve yet to see any issues though.

I’d say if you’re a normal healthy individual without hormonal issues my opinion is - No it won’t make much of a difference if any with regards to lowering your testosterone.

@Dan_Huel May provide some insight?

As someone who consumes Huel Black for 2 of my 3 daily meals and have been consuming Huel for over a year now, I think I can speak on the topic.

I’ve dropped 93 lbs over the past 13 months and have been Vegan since 9/2019. While I haven’t had any tests done, I would say that my testosterone levels have increased significantly, as has my strength and sex drive.

In addition to the two daily Huel servings, I snack with Huel Bars (no clue if they have flax) and have a bed of greens with ground flax mixed in with every dinner meal at least 5 days a week for over a year now.

No idea if any of the above is of value to you, just speaking from my personal experience. I think any study that speaks to the contrary is BS in my opinion.


We have a whole article on this here. tl;dr the answer is it’s a non-issue.


Thanks for your response

It’s also not the first time that someone asks this kind of thing (and was debunked), so I would love to know where did you get that from?