Possible Long Chain Omega 3s in the Future?

From my nutritional knowledge, it seems that there is some level of uncertainty as to whether or not people can metabolize enough long chain Omega 3s from the shorter ones that are currently found in Huel (i.e. flax seed). I love the fact that Huel is vegan and I would prefer it to continue being so in the future, so maybe an algae based source would be beneficial to add? Just curious what Huel’s oppinion is on this.

Adding a source, especially a vegan one would be pretty expensive, so I can understand why it might not be something you want to do, but I suppose even if it’s not a viable thing to currently address, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.


Ah, I now notice that I had missed the article specifically about this topic on your guides and articles section. After reading that, I am convinced that this question has been thought about and addressed. Yet another example of Huel going above and beyond other competing products. :smile:

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Great; glad you liked the article.

Here if anyone else wants to read it.

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