First Experince

After trying Huel for the second time, has anyone experienced itchy throat and stomachaches ? I been mixing Huel vanilla with 8oz-10oz of almond milk without the Huel Shaker.

Hey there. This isn’t something that we see trending, but the ithcy throat makes me think you may be allergic to an ingredient in Huel. You can give it a go again–maybe it’s just something allergy related outside of Huel. The stomachaches can be common in the start due to the amount of fiber in Huel. This typically settles within a few weeks. Try integrating Huel slowly into your diet at the start i.e. one serving a day rather than two.

Hey Tyler,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll start trying one scoop instead of two. However, I hope the pain isn’t too much because I almost threw up.