Eye Swelling with unflavored Huel

Hello I’ve gone through about 4 bags in a month of the unflavored Huel.

I’m going to have to stop because I believe it causes a bit of swelling under my eyes.

I thought at first maybe it was a lack of sleep or too much smoking. It seems pretty consistent though. I’m 27 with no known food allergies.

The issue is enough to make me stop taking this.

Thought I’d mention it in case other people have issues.

I’m really sorry to hear this Michael. There’s not much information to go on here but as you have swelling in one specific place (under your eyes) and no other symptoms it’s unlikely to be Huel. It could very well be one/several other lifestyle factors like you mentioned.

You could always retry Huel once the swelling has gone down to see if this makes a difference.

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In case anyone didn’t catch that:

US Huel is “new” at v1.1

Is the UK v2.3 different in some ingredient that might cause a reaction in some people and mostly not in others?

Thanks for the detail @Tomek_Glowacki

You are on the US forum here but the UK and US ingredients are almost the same.

You may have had a reaction to an ingredient you have not consumed before, such as flaxseed.

However, I can’t confirm this. My advice would be to contact your GP.

Like any food a small percentage of the population may have an issue. It’s important to note that there may be several factors that could contribute/be the cause as may be the case with the OP.

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