Do we get tracking numbers?

I haven’t received a tracking number. Is this normal? I don’t remember the exact verbage but it said it left.
However, when I log in on my phone and computer there is no tracking. It just says I ordered the t shirt and powder.
I would appreciate any feedback you can give.

Oh no! I’m sorry about that, @OdetteBlack! We tend to follow-up orders placed with two emails. The first is an order confirmation which includes the items you purchased and the second is a shipment confirmation which should include your FedEx tracking number!

I’m really sorry it seems you haven’t received this. But hey, good news is your order is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow😁 I’ll go ahead and send over your tracking number via email now so you have that on hand.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day❤

Yes. Check your email.

Title: Good news, your order is on its way!

Body: … Want to know where your order is? Track Shipment

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I got it thank you. Sorry, I forgot to reply back sooner.