Didn't get what I ordered?

So I placed an order last week and have been really excited for it to get here. It finally arrived today but when I opened the box the contents weren’t exactly what I ordered.

What I ordered: 1x Berry, 1x Chocolate, 2x Hot & Savory Thai Green Curry, 2x Hot & Savory Tomato & Herb, 2x Hot & Savory Mexican Chilli

What I got: 1x Berry, 2x Chocolate, 2x Hot & Savory Tomato & Herb, 2x Hot & Savory Mexican Chilli

I didn’t get an email letting me know that my order had been changed and my card was still billed for the full amount. What’s up with that? :frowning:

It’s possible they may have been shipped separately. I know others have said with larger orders they sometimes get two boxes and not always on the same day.

I just had an order that showed up Saturday and a missing item showed up a day later without tracking information. I assume the rest will show up today?

Odd you got extra chocolate however.

Good luck!

If just the curry had been excluded, I would’ve assumed they were being shipped separately! But adding an extra chocolate makes me worried they decided to swap it out for some reason? If the extra chocolate hadn’t have been in the box, the curry would’ve fit 🤷

I’ll keep an eye out for another day or two though! Hopefully they still show up, since I ordered a specific amount on purpose to last me a month!

Oh no!! Just dropped you a message about this!