Dating on 100% Huel


I’ve been using Huel since the beginning of the year, when I began my significant other was a part of my plan to switch and since we had been dating for some time, it wasn’t abnormal for us to have separate meal times around our work/hobby schedules. This meant that while I was ramping up to 100% Huel I didn’t have to worry about not eating the same thing at the same as my partner.

I am now single and finding it difficult to date while on 100% Huel. Every time it feels natural that we should go out to eat either with each other or a group, I have either declined or said I wasn’t hungry and just drank water while everyone else ate. (Not horrible, but not exactly the greatest)

My question is, do any of you have dating tips while being on Huel? Do you you come right out and say you only eat Huel, so you can’t ever go on “traditional dates”? Do you just have a cheat day every time you go on a date with meal plans? Do you keep food around the house to share with guests? Do you prepare a sit down meal for them while slurping Huel at the table? So many questions!

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It depends on why you are using Huel. I am in an online relationship so I haven’t been on a date since I started per se, but I am using 100% Huel for the weight loss effects. I decided early on that if I have to go out to a social event, I will say yes once a week, and substitute the calories at the event for what I would have had in Huel. If you are doing it for more nutritional purposes, you could similarly try to find a balanced meal to eat while out.

Don’t ever feel guilty for eating for other people, just set healthy boundaries. Its not cheating if you are doing it to maintain your social health, unless you start using your social health as an excuse to eat at McDonald’s every day.


LOL You don’t “Have” to drink huel, you can still eat other things :joy::rofl::joy:

I got my GF to try it, and now we’re both drinking it. :slight_smile:

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Come to think of it, because celiac runs in my family, we order the Gluten Free variety, so that means my gf drinks gf. :slight_smile:

Great response! I never thought to frame it like that with maintaining “social health”. That does make sense, having healthy social time is also important to the body/mind not just what you are eating. Thanks!


Sure. Why not try double-dating with Huel. Invite three people to a picnic in a very scenic location. Take an ice chest, ice, Huel, water and 4 containers. Explain to them that this is a liquidarian brunch or dinner. Let them watch you mix yours while you pass the bag or booklet around so they know why you brought no cutlery. Share your desire to eat with others but you are a vegan liquidarian now. Share with them your personal experience and results.
Engage them. Show them how to mix their own either thick or thin. Ask them questions and answer all their questions with the truth. After you finish, have something fun, safe and unusual to do. Help make them remember a joyful experience with Huel and YOU!!