Chocolate Sourcing

I’ve recently started adding a Huel or two a day to my diet, and once I got over the initial heartburn, I’ve really been enjoying it. I’m not crazy about the taste, but I feel better on days when I have Huel.

I’d like to try the chocolate flavor. I’ve resolved never to eat slave-produced chocolate again. However, the majority of chocolate is, unfortunately, produced with the involvement of slave labor.

See this Washington Post article.

Can you tell me about the sourcing for your chocolate?


Absolutely amazing to hear about your commitment slave-free chocolate. We completely share your concerns about the problems in the chocolate industry which is why we made sure that we source our US chocolate from Barry Callebaut. They have been instrumental in facing into the challenges of the industry and establishing new programs and targets to turn things around. Their Forever Chocolate initiative not only aims to eradicate child labour and lift cocoa farmers out of poverty, but also to become carbon and forest positive.

They are also working really hard to lobby the rest of the chocolate industry to follow suit. Nobody is completely perfect, but these guys are genuinely working hard to make a difference. You can check out their latest progress report here