Chocolate RTD short dated

Ever since switching my RTD subscription to 50% Berry and 50% Chocolate, I’ve noticed that the Chocolate consistently has a closer expiry date than the Berry (usually by a couple of months or so).

Today I realized that the Chocolate RTD I was drinking (from my most recent sub delivery that was dispatched on Dec 20), has technically expired as it has a best before date of 06/JAN/20, which was only 17 days after it was dispatched. The Berry RTD from the same order is BB 02/JUN/20.

I haven’t noticed any quality issue with drinking it but the 6 months difference is a bit extreme. Has anyone else noticed this on Chocolate RTD in particular?


I would like to know the same thing. I only just realised that I’ve been drinking expired RTD. It seems to be similar to yours - mines batch CL076 with a best before of 08/Jan. I’m planning on drinking it over the next week or two. I hope I dont get poisoned.

It could be related to how many they made after looking at expected sales vs how many the have sold. So they have some “leftover stock” that they are clearing. The best before date is always relative to when they were made.

You should be fine, if that goes bad you will notice (like with milk).