Check out the new account area!

Hey all, I know there have been a lot of Huel announcements recently, but this one is less a product and more a massive improvement to your user experience as subscribers!

About two weeks ago we rolled out our latest account area and there are a lot of big changes you are going to love!

Faster initial load - we changed the way we load information on the account area to make it faster on initial load (approximately 76.8% according to our team, who are probably making this number up).
Brand new design - we completely redesigned the user interface to make it much more intuitive. It’s even got a shaker that fills up as the page loads. How neat is that?
Easier navigation - we streamlined the navigation to make it easier to access the main areas like upcoming orders, subscription management, referrals, address and payment info.
Pause subscriptions - we listened to your feedback and added a function to pause your subscription, as opposed to skipping it, which enables you to put your deliveries on hold until you want to start receiving your Huel again.
Add one-off items - you can now easily add new items as single purchases to an upcoming subscription, making it super easy to try new products
Referrals section - we updated the referrals functionality so you don’t have to leave your account to send referrals to your friends
Mobile friendly - we improved the mobile functionality to make it easier to managee your account from your phone

For a helpful guide on how to use our new subscription page head here -

And to log yourself into your account and have a play head here -

Let us know what you think and any feedback we would love to hear it!

Here’s a little of what it looks like.

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I’m grateful for the “Pause Subscription” feature (with the holidays, i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve consumed less Huel than I planned), and the overall look of the new account area is great. I want to mention, however, that I don’t buy that the loading time has been improved at all. In fact, anecdotally, I think it loads slower than it did before the redesign, by a fair amount.

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