Cannot purchase items

I have all items added to my cart. I added my free t-shirt and shaker. I want to check out but there is no button to do so. I have tried Chrome and Firefox. Somethings up.

Ah, do you have any anti virus software? If you are using Windows 10, try using Internet Explorer (not the new Edge) by starting to type Internet Explorer in the search bar on the start menu. It should be the one with the gold circle around the E rather than the black one.
Sorry, I don’t work for Huel, but I recently worked in Tech Support and Internet Explorer’s compatibility is surprisingly good in the rare cases where Chrome and Firefox don’t work.
For the record, I do think it should work on Chrome as well with the anti virus disabled, but it might be easier just to use IE rather than have to disable it.

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I think the issue is I’m trying to purchase something out of stock except the page isn’t telling me it’s out of stock so it won’t give me the option to proceed. If I append the cart page with a /checkout I then am told there isn’t enough stock.

Hey there. What item are you trying to purchase that says out of stock?

I know of a few people who have had this exact issue with ublock origin preventing the pop up from appearing when you first enter the website. I think it resulted in this same issue, missing checkout button. Could you check your Chrome extensions for an ad blocker? This is what I meant before, I don’t know why I said anti virus. I’m getting old…

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Yes try turning off the ad blockers.

There is absolutely no reason anyone should ever be told to turn off ad blockers to fix a problem with a web page.

If there is any important code being served in the blocked pop up, the developers should fix that.

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I had a similar issue; no check out button (Firefox browser). When I used Internet Explorer instead, I was able to complete my order.

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