Canceling because of V3.0

I just started drinking Huel, and was happy with it. However, I’m putting my orders on hold to see if they end up bringing back the old powder or not.

I’m only posting to say that it’s too bad they’re making changes to a product that has been around for a while and seems to be generally well loved. The main reasons I’m canceling are because of the kombucha. There are many articles online (from reputably, science-based sources, including the NIH) that it is not beneficial for health, and may even be unsafe to drink.

On top of that, the new warning about shellfish is off-putting, as I generally try to keep kosher. Still, that maybe wouldn’t be a deal breaker, since I guess the implication is that there really is no shellfish and that the warning is just there as a formality.

But really, companies should learn the lesson of the past: if you have a successful product, don’t change it. Coke in the 1980s should have taught everyone that.


Kombucha is a digestive aid, I don’t know if some may perceive a digestive aid as beneficial for one’s overall health or not but I see no reason to not use any product on the premise that it includes a digestive aid as part of the product formula.

Could you link to the mentioned sources?

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v2.3 will still be around for at least a couple of months so no need to put your orders on hold.

The articles you are talking about our unregulated and home grown kombucha which can cause a health risk because the bacteria are not controlled properly. The kombucha in Huel is of high quality and has been approved as safe to consume.

Little bit different. We’re looking at improving the nutrition of Huel while also improving the taste and texture. Coke is purely about taste.

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When will orders start being filled with v3.0?

V3.0 will be replaced by the 18th of December.


Cool. So if I bump back my subscription delivery to after the 18th, I’ll receive v3.0?

Hey Dan. I’ve seen you mention v2.3 a few times. Am I out of the loop? I’m pretty sure we’ve only had 1.0 and 1.1 in the US. At least that’s what the order page has always said.

As far as I know, UK is on 2.3, US is leaping from 1.1 to 3.0

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Thanks. That’s what I figured but wanted to clarify.

There was a post the other day by @Julian-Huel I believe that said version 2.3 would be available in the US until supplies ran out. Not sure if they were testing for the US then made the switch to change ingredients or what but it was stated that it would be available until they were out.

Edit: here’s the post

Thanks for spotting and sorry for the confusion. v2.3 is the current formula available in the UK/EU, which is equivalent to v1.1 in the US.

Soon everyone will be aligned to v3.0 and I won’t be able to make this mistake again.


Personally I just stopped my subscription. I have two bags that I will use, then I’ll be done. Simple and complete was best.


I’m on the fence here. I find that I don’t like 3.0 as much as 1.1. I find that it keeps clumping when I shake it and its really offputting to drink.

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Agreed. The new 3.0 formula is disgusting. I’ve emailed asking for a refund and ordered a dozen bags of the 1.1 in hope that it will tide me over until they can come to their senses and bring back the good formula.