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I am looking to try this out for me and my roommate. Both of us are opposite of what most people consider weight problems we both are under weight and have troubles gaining it. So i was just wondering because i see on a few posts that its helping lose weight will it also help gain weight? Im content with how i am i just would rather not lose anymore weight and i know my roommate is starting to work with a PT to gain weight and muscle mass. I run a fairly busy day and I really like the idea behind this product. Can anyone give me some advice? I know that i dont eat healthy because im always in need of convenience food and when i get home from work im never in the mood to cook.

It should work for both. The booklet that comes with the shake talks about losing, maintaining, and gaining weight. Basically you need to figure out your calories needs and, in order to gain weight, go above. I have 3 shakes a day (1500 calories) because I need to lose weight (I’m doing 100% shakes most days, which I know not everyone does). For you, use a calorie calculator and see how many shakes you want/need based on your goals. Adding an extra 500 calories (one shake) to your normal intake should help with weight gain.

You can definitely use Huel to gain weight! Here is a guide to gaining weight with Huel:

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Huel is the perfect convenience food!

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