Banana Powder Texture

I just received a pouch of banana flavor, along with chocolate mint. LOVE the chocolate mint. The texture for the banana powder is an extremely fine powder that kind of puffs up into the air. It is not even close to the same texture of the chocolate mint. Is is supposed to be that way? It tastes okay, I’m drinking one now.

That matches my experience with both the strawberry and the banana. The chocolate and chocolate mint are a heavier powder so are a bit less likely to become airborne. (I can’t speak the the cappuccino).

If they had to option to make the two fruit-flavor powders a little heavier or less fine (without causing dissolving issues) it would be an improvement. The flavors are still usable as-is.

Okay that makes me feel better. I was extra suspicious because the pouch I
received was a little bit defective and leaking banana smell into the
shipping box.