Are Huel ingredients Lectin free? Dr. Gundry

I love my HUEL shakes, I use a blender and add foods that take my shakes to the next level.

I add frozen: Blueberries, Raspberries, Mango, Peas, Spinach, Peanut butter, Oats… It depends on my mood. Grocery stores sell these great packets to add your smoothie.
What, if any Lectins are there in HUEL products?

Dr. Steven Gundry has a lot of good information about Lectins.

Grocery stores sell these great packets to add your smoothie. I’ll just throw one in my Chocolate Huel in the blender YUM!:



I totally get where you’re coming from an Gundry seems convincing, but he’s a bit of a quack. There’s such little evidence that a lectin-free diet is better for health and a diet that contains lectins that no one should be promoting it.

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Thank you for your input.

Can’t say I know many Quacks that went to YALE and was a world-renowned heart surgeon. And It doesn’t seem he needs the money.

Education, Experience, & Background And he is Anthony Robbin’s personal doctor.

I did my pre-med undergrad studies at Yale Universitygraduated cum laude — and then got my M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia. Next, I began my surgical residency at the University of Michigan. While there, I was chosen to participate in a prestigious research program run by the National Institutes of Health.

This is where my love of scientific research was born, and I ended up writing more papers than any other previous resident at Michigan. Throughout my career, I combined my love of research with my intimate knowledge of heart surgery… and ended up creating some lasting innovations in the field.

I was one of the first 20 surgeons to test the implantable left ventricular assist device, a type of artificial heart. I also helped pioneer the use of robots for minimally-invasive heart surgery. I hold the record for the longest-surviving pig-to-baboon heart transplant – a procedure called xenotransplantation.

I also hold patents on numerous medical devices, including…In 1985, I was invited by Loma Linda University School of Medicine to serve as Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics… and eventually served as Chairman and Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Over the next 16 years, I’m proud to say that my colleague Leonard Bailey and I performed more infant and pediatric heart transplants than anyone else in the world. I’m also quite proud to have operated in more than 30 countries including charitable missions to China, India, and Zimbabwe.

Because being a world-renowned heart surgeon (apart from being an appeal to authority) has almost nothing to do with nutrition and pushing a lectin-free diet.

Here are 3 good resources which debunk Steven Gundry’s claims and the book he wrote surrounding lectins: and and


From the 1.0 label:

  • I looked at the list you posted, oats are on the no list, but I read about lectins a few days ago and soaking oats helps. However, I would say it’s usually the whole grain itself that’s soaked for removal.
  • Flaxseeds are fine.
  • peas/brown rice are on the no list, but I’m assuming that, since it’s protein, it might have less of the lectins

the rest are not big enough for me to research. I assume Huel is raw, but idk for sure.

The levels of lectins are low: the pea and brown rice proteins have been processed (like you said). Oats aren’t that high in lectins and the ultra-fine milling process means the lectins that are there are mostly broken down.


Good to know. Thank you, Michael