Anyone try both Huel and Soylent?

Specifically wondering about people that have done 100% Soylent for every meal and then later tried 100% Huel for every meal for an extended period of time and compared the two. I have and noticed that I seem to have a bit more energy on Soylent but felt hungry more often. On Huel I had slightly less energy but never felt hungry. Anyone else try living on both that can share their comparisons?

I’ve never gone 100% on either, but I have had significant amounts of both (about 60% of daily calories), and I’d say your assessment sounds about right. Soylent has sugar and maltodextrin. Huel has neither (okay, 5 grams of sugar per 2,000 calories, but that’s negligible). So, Soylent gives you a little bit more of a “sugar buzz,” but the higher glycemic index of Soylent makes you hungrier sooner when your blood sugar crashes.

I try to stick to food with a low glycemic index, otherwise I just get hungrier than if I hadn’t had anything to eat. So, I haven’t had Soylent in a long time and have been sticking with Huel (I have almonds and beans, too). Maybe someone else who has gone 100% can better answer your specific question, but I’ve got to say that Huel is as good as it gets in terms of finding a healthy and filling meal replacement powder.


come to think of it, BOTH products have names that lend themselves to “It’s People” jokes. Soylent more blatantly, though. I’ve never tried Soylent, and not going to because soy is just not that good for nutrition, unless in a fermented form like miso or tempeh (much as I enjoy a good tofu curry, or some edamame with salt and garlic)

ha… the Huel picture…

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