Anyone tried strawberry shortcake yet? Anyone near PDX want to split a bag?

I want to hear your experience, especially if you got the black edition. I wish there was a way to try it before committing to an entire bag of it.

Is there anyone in the Portland, OR area who would be willing to split one with me? I am vaccinated and happy to take CDC-grade precautions when handling it.

Committing to an entire bag is a huge issue that is for sure. I just got mine ( 3-days in ). It smells like the berries in Caption Cruch Berry cereal. However, I am not a fan of the taste. Can’t explain it, but I have started to mix it with half vanilla to make it more tolerable for me. I may not be your best resource though as I did not like the chocolate either. I am determined to make my lunches easier and healthier so I continue, but so far Vanilla is the only one I don’t completely dislike. BTW, Portland would be a hike sorry.

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Made my first one 2 days ago with vanilla almond milk. It was very good. Tasted like a strawberry granola bar.

Had one made with filtered water today and…still tasted good, just kind of…like @garneke said, cptn crunch, but left to get mushy in the bowl.
Much better with almond milk.

I live in VA, don’t know if shipping this distance would be viable.

I’d say it’s worth a try. Grab a buddy on base.

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@nachosalad78 I guess I need to give vanilla almond milk a try - thanks.

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That was my concern - that it doesn’t taste good unless you doctor it up. I didn’t like the black edition chocolate either, or PB for that matter, so our palates may be similar.

Thanks for your feedback, y’all. It sounds like I may be sticking with vanilla and salted caramel for now.

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