Any issues with coconut allergy?

I’ve had a moderate coconut allergy for the majority of my life but want to try Huel. I’ve read that those with this allergy are able to use Huel. Any feedback?


I do not have a coconut allergy, but it depends on what part of the coconut you are allergic to. For example, people with a fish allergy may still be able to take fish oil because they are allergic to the protein of the fish and not the fat. Huel only uses the fat from coconut I believe, and also it doesn’t use that much. What you could do before getting it is get some coconut oil for really cheap, try eating with it or cooking with it and see if it triggers a reaction.

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The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in Huel are derived from coconut but is not ground coconut in its whole form, but it’s hard to say if this will cause an allergic reaction for you or not.
I’m sorry I cannot be specific, I can’t because this sort of allergy is not the same in everyone and you should consult your doctor who will have a detailed record of your personal medical details.

Thanks for this answer. My daughter has a severe coconut allergy and was never bothered when I cooked with coconut oil, this explains why!

No problem. If you aren’t allergic to coconut oil, then it should be fine.

Sabra Ewing