And so it begins!


Overall first drink impressions are mostly “ehh”. I blended 2 scoops of vanilla, 1 scoop of unflavored, and a handful of blueberries. I also added just a dash of cinnamon as many have said it helps. It tastes and smells like straight up oats; like plain oats. Not bad, but not good either lol. Left it in the fridge overnight. I’m going to be having 2 500 calorie Shakes a day and a normal dinner. Goals are weight-loss as I’m currently sitting at 240lbs and want to be at 195lbs. Will also be starting a running program (use to lift at least 5 times a week but a botched back surgery screwed that up). Anyway, I’ll post regular updates and whatnot as I come across them.


Thanks for sharing. I get my first shipment on Thursday this week!

What would you do to make the flavor more desirable?


A dash of cinnamon didn’t do much for me - I did something like an entire tablespoon. I haven’t added any fruit to mine yet but I’m looking into the dehydrated fruit powders on Amazon. Produce seems to just come to my house to die, I never get a chance to actually use it, that’s why I’m going to try the powdered stuff.


All tonight I blended up the following to make my 2 shakes: 4scoops vanilla 2scoops plain, 1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries, 2 tablespoons of P2 powdered peanut butter (only 35cal), 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, and 2 bananas. I used 1140ml of unsweetened almond milk and put me in the fridge. I’ll be sure to post in here after my morning shake with the results :slight_smile:



Totally understand the fruit issue. My suggestion is to just go with frozen fruits; much more cost effective.



Sounds delicious! Hope to hear what it like in the AM. :grimacing:


Yeah frozen fruit is killer. You can buy a frozen berry blend on Amazon fresh if you’re in need of delivery.


So I’m currently on my second shake that I made last night with banana, pb2, blueberries, and cinnamon and overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Very thick, as you’d imagine, but it tastes quite good and is so much better than the ones I made the previous day with just blueberries added. I may play around with the ingredients some, but overall I think this version is a winner.



First time I used it I too thought it was a bit bland. As far as the number of calories you’re concerned about consuming, I have found that two scoops of Huel with one scoop of Vega (vegan) chocolate plus greens protein powder mixed in my Nutri-Bullet with ice and water make a very tasty treat. Although it says one portion is five scoops of Huel you certainly don’t need that many nor do you need that many calories. Additionally, I sometimes add a couple tablespoons of peanut butter to the mixture with the chocolate protein powder and it’s quite delicious. Lastly, I will use two scoops of Huel and 2 cups of frozen blueberries and fill the rest of my blender with water and it makes a very tasty and filling shake. Again,your concern about the calories is warranted but you certainly don’t need any more than two scoops to make a very nutritious, tasty, and filling meal.


My Hueling has officially changed lol I found friggin frozen banana slices at WalMart today. Huel + banana + PB2 + mini chocolate chips. Paradise. :joy: It’s so good. Good call on the frozen fruit guys, thanks!!



That sounds delicious :slight_smile:


Good call on the bananas! One of my favorite ingredients for shakes. Frozen bananas are pretty expensive I think. I usually buy 2-3 bunches of bananas, cut 'em up and put them into bags and freeze them. About 10 minutes of work yields about 20 frozen bananas for less than $10.

I’m out of bananas though. Sad day :sob:


Wooooowwww damn lolol I was so stoked to find them I didn’t even think to get my own and do it. Derrrrp. They were $5 but I’m not sure the weight of the bag. Good sized though. Think I’d rather do my own and freeze them in pre measured containers or bags.


Awesome! Glad you were able to find something that works for you.



Yep, it tastes like liquid oatmeal, for me, that is not so bad. It is much better than any protein powder I have used. I put in frozen assorted berries and some greens, Kale or spinach. You can hardly taste the greens but they really boost the nutrient value


Just got my box today and am in same boat as original poster(weight loss) 2x a day etc.

my goal is my HS weight as my 30th reunion is next year and want to be back down after going up in weight after having kids, getting injured and not doing much else besides biking and walking. I know this isn’t a magic pill but hopefully will work for me as it has others.


We’re cheering you on! Keep us updated on your progress. :muscle:


Went with the vanilla - have had great flavors with adding a shot of espresso. Today I got the mint chocolate and espresso flavor packs - the mint chocolate is awesome. I like the base vanilla over the unflavored… seems to give a little bit more “oomph” to flavors I add…


I like the frozen banana idea. I’ll have to try that.

My calorie app says my daily intake of potassium is low, so bananas may do the trick!


Awesome! Should have my flavor packs next week and am really looking forward to it.