ALA Omega 3 nutrition

Do we know how much ALA omega 3 is in a 100g serving of the Huel powder?

It’s a complicated enough subject that they’ve dedicated an entire page to it on their website. I’d recommend reading the whole thing if you’re interested, I found it quite educational.

But Cliff’s notes: sounds like at least 2.8g ALA per 100g serving from flaxseed.

The total amount of omega-3s in Huel Powder is 15g based on a 2,000kcal intake. We don’t know the exact amount of ALA in Huel as the ALA present comes from the natural ingredients, but we do know that it is the predominant omega-3 fatty acid in flaxseed and therefore we know that there’s at least 14g of ALA per 2,000kcal Huel Powder, i.e. a majority of the omega-3 content. Therefore Huel should be regarded as a very high source of ALA and provides more than the majority of people’s intakes.