My Huel weight loss story/review

All right so I started eating almost exclusively Huel only since 07/29 (meaning basically NO cheating / eating something other than huel). I have had literally a bag of EVERY single flavor of both the white bag, and black bag version of the shakes and every single version of the hot and savory. Yes, I have spent well over 1000 on huel. I will say that living in oregon being a sales tax free state, plus my status as a “first responder”, and using the 10% subscription discount and always ordering my Huel in a full cart of 16 items makes my cost per meal very affordable in my opinion. I’ll also mention that when I refer to ‘cheating’ i mean eating ANYTHING other than Huel. My ‘cheating’ just means if I happen to go out with friends/family for let’s say some drinks or dinner I DO still order normal food and eat it, but I compensate by having less huel. Example being I eat (while I’m losing weight) 1600 calories a day. If I go out to eat and have 1200 calories worth of beer / dinner then I can ONLY have one serving of huel the rest of the day to hit my 1600 cals. If that meal was dinner and it forced me to exceed 1600 calories - so let’s say I ate 2400 that day - then the following day I would have 800 less calories from huel to make up the difference.) Cheating just makes dieting harder but believe me you can still diet and go out with your friends a couple times a week and make this work. If I cheat at home buy eating a regular meal I just make sure that meal is <400 calories and swap out a serving of huel. Still, 90% of my caloric intake is Huel only.

I currently still have at least a month worth of huel to eat currently and I don’t think I will hit my goal of 180 lbs for another 3 months yet, but my current results as of 10/27 (3 months of huel) is 34 lbs lost. I started at 244 lbs and I am now 210 lbs. I eat 1600 calories worth of huel per day. (usually 4 meals of 2 scoops each (400 cal each meal). (on avg I’m losing about 11 lbs a month or around 2 and half pounds a week) Which I know a bit aggressive but I do not at all feel like I’m straining myself to do so nor do I feel constantly hungry. As a matter of fact MOST of the time I feel satiated by huel. Yes I do have occasional cravings but even with that being the case because my 1600 calories is fairly aggressive if I REALLY felt I needed to tackle a craving I could easily still have just one more meal and hit 2000 calories and still be in a deficit.

Anyways the reason I felt compelled to write something up is because I do feel that making a leap on trying Huel as a weight loss program is… well a big leap. Since you HAVE to buy at least 2 bags and there are so many options and only buying 2 bags is rather more expensive than doing the full dive it can feel like you have a big risk of wasting your money if you end up not liking what you bought so I’m going to go into a LOT of detail over my opinions of everything.

Firstly I’m going to just come right out and tell you which products I didn’t like… I’m not a fan of the white bag variation of huel. The oat formula to me anyway has a weird texture to it and feels grainy and I wouldn’t ever buy it again. In fact I was very close to giving up huel all together simply because of how much I disliked the white bag versions of huel. Now that is only my opinion and I’m sure other people may disagree and prefer the oat version but for me it was so bad I had to force feed it to myself so as not to waste it. That goes for every flavor of it. And no - I never cheated and tried flavoring it with anything or using something other than water like milk etc.

The black bag versions of Huel are all pretty good in my opinion. I like mixing banana/strawberry and chocolate/peanut butter. The salted caramel and coffee flavors are my favorite though. Vanilla is pretty neutral but I still buy it just to have that one more bit of variety. There isn’t a flavor of the black bag that I dislike. With all that said I won’t pretend any of the flavors are a 10/10 kinda food but for the sake of living a healthy lifestyle I am quite happy to replace 90% of my “filler meals” with huel. Once I’m done with my weight loss journey and get back to a healthy weight I still intend to use Huel to replace at least one or two meals a day just to continue knowing that I couldn’t possibly be eating a more balanced and healthy meal.

As for the hot and ready meals:

Mexican chili: 8/10 wow. It ACTUALLY tastes totally like chili. I’m not a big fan of chili but if you are then this will be your favorite. You won’t feel like your missing “the real thing” because this looks/tastes just like it. (I can’t give it a 10/10 just cuz well chili has never been my fav but its all right)

Thai green curry: Pretty decent. When I go out for curry I do typically go for yellow curry but sometimes I like green. This is … decent! Best way to describe it. It’s got a pretty decent consistency and the taste is good. Also an 8/10.

Sweet & Sour: My dudes… I had to throw this bag in the garbage after the 2nd try. I finished the first meal and told my self to suck it up and finish it because it would be such a waste but man this stuff is terrible (just my opinion… sorry if you happen to like it). 0/10 Literally the only huel product I just had to toss.

Tomato and Herb: Hmmm. So I actually AM a big fan of some good tomato soup. While the soup does taste pretty darn good I’m not a big fan of its texture/consistency. The green onion or w/e they have freeze dried in there doesn’t really re-hydrate that well so feels chewy i guess? Then there’s the mushy consistency of all the other “solid stuff” in the soup. Overall just based on taste alone it is still an 8/10 and I just kinda try to ignore the rest… Weird opinion I guess but I mean when I feel like having some soup this is pretty decent.

Yellow Coconut Curry: This is my favorite curry so having it in a Huel product is awesome. I’m a big fan of this flavor and I think they kinda nailed it. 8/10. (Just FYI with all of these hot and readies, I’m comparing a legit “10/10 real life version” of the foods to these huel freeze dried powder versions so there is NO WAY these can ever be a 10/10 so getting an 8 I feel is very impressive - call me crazy)

Spicy Indian curry: Meh. Just another one of the things I’m not a big fan of in real life. Bought it to try it, ate it all. It’s pretty good as curry, if you are a fan of red curry I think you will like this. The spicy level of it I think is okay. I do legitimately thing they “chili pepper scale” 3/5 is accurate. I give this product a 5/10 only because I’m not a fan of red curry but I’m sure many of you would rate it higher if you like red curry.

Little tips:
Huel powders is messy. IDK why but in combination with the plastic scoops and the bags these come in some kind of static electricity makes the powder cling to the scoops and “pop” off so every time you go for a scoop the outside of the scoop is raining powder all over your counter. I bought a ton of containers (tupperware) and transferred all my huel into those and that has pretty much solved that static electricity problem with the powder so it is waaaay less messy and to be honest its much easier to reseal a lid than trying to get the dumb zip locks on the bags to reclose properly and you are probably much less prone to waste by say dropping a bag than dropping a container with a secure lid.

Next tip is for the convenience. I think a lot of us use huel for weight lifting / convenience because of our jobs. Its tough to find time to cook/prep meals etc. I recommend buying extra huel shaker bottles… why? Well actually after spending like an hour scouring amazon for cheaper / better bottles I legitimately can’t find any. The fact that huel bottles have rounded corners actually REALLY helps stop wasteful clumping of the powder inside the bottles PLUS makes them much less prone to shattering/breaking if you drop the bottle. The next thing is the price… Frankly they are priced really well and I couldn’t find any shaker bottles on amazon that could compete with the huel bottles on price and if they could it was because they were super low quality bottles that you shouldn’t waste your money on sooo… Long story short - buy yourself a couple extra huel bottles from the website.

The reason I think you should buy more bottles is to go with my next idea: buy yourself a “wine bag cooler” on amazon. There’s probably 100 different versions of them on amazon but personally i bought a small <20 dollar insulated cheapo bag made to hold 3 standard wine bottles. It’s PERFECT to hold 3 bottles of huel. In the morning I can chug my breakfast huel then I can put a couple ice cubes in each of the 3 bottles and prep my next 3 meals of the day and they all fit perfectly in the wine cooler bag. Huel people if you’re reading this you guys should make an add-on on your website for a high quality neoprene huel bag complete with 3 extra huel shakers :slight_smile: Anyways this has really helped me solve the convenience problem.

SOOOO my final conclusion for this is that Huel is a major YES! from me. Is it be best tasting food I’ve ever had? No, sorry it isn’t. Will it be yours? I seriously doubt it. Is it the most convenient / best balanced nutritionally / and affordably priced for what you are getting WHILE not tasting bad? Yes to all. I think it is a major boon for anyone interested in losing weight that doesn’t want to put in the effort to count calories and macros (its basically done for you), AND it can be great for weight lifters / athletes of any type, AND its great for people who just need convenient/cheap meals. Cheap being a relative term I suppose as we all have our own idea of what ‘cheap’ means but honestly to anyone who disagrees this isn’t cheap I challenge you to find an alternative food source at this price point per meal which is also balanced as this is.

I hope this long winded review is helpful to some one. Huel CAN be expensive when buying in small quantities especially when it’s your first order and you don’t know if you’ll like it in the first place … Choosing the ‘wrong version’ could put you off forever unfortunately like it almost did to me when I tried the original oat version first. Huel people if you’re listening you guys should sell a one-off “variety bag” which could include a 1/2 scoop of every flavor (100 cal per mini bag). Bet you could get more return customers if they discover multiple flavors that they enjoy or didn’t know they would enjoy and would increase their confidence in making larger orders knowing they like X flavor instead of being unsure if they will thus ordering less.

I guess as a final afterthought I will mention I had EXTENSIVE blood work done BEFORE starting this diet and every single one of my tests showed every single category to be in healthy ranges (despite my nearly 90% fast food diet) so I neither expect to see drastically “improved” results in my future blood work nor do I expect to see any poor results.

No - I don’t feel like ‘oh my god being vegan has changed my life’ or any positive health benefits that I couldn’t have achieved doing something else. I do feel great being over 30 pounds lighter of course - it’s also a huge bonus that my heart burn (probably GERD if I had it properly diagnosed) is completely gone but I 100% attribute this to losing 30 lbs and NOT because I changed my diet. It was very clearly caused by excessive weight, not what I was eating although I do see how one could argue those are one in the same - My counter argument to that is that I could technically have lost this weight through offsetting my calories through activity rather than diet and I’m confident my heart burn would have gone away just the same. Anyways I suppose thats off topic but I’m done now :slight_smile: Good luck everyone! If I have anything to add ~ 3 months from now when I’ve hit my goal weight I’ll share it here with an update.


Terrific write up. Thanks for all the info and tips…and congratulations!

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